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World Outreach

Be a Part of World Outreach!


Pastor Tom & Stella have ministered throughout the USA, Panama, and Pakistan!  Here is a running total of recorded salvations, healings, deliverances, and churches established since Pastor Tom began working in the Pakistan crusades in 2014:

1.) Salvations- 85,393

2.) Healings- 35,894

3.) Deliverances- 968

4.) Churches Established- 250

As Pastor Tom has ministered, many more have been saved, healed, and delivered from demons, but not all of these miracles could be recorded.  These hungry people come from far and wide to participate in these services.  Be a part of the last days global revival!  

Pakistan Outreach

January 31, 2023- 912 souls were saved, and many people were healed. One lady who had a heart issue was healed and gave her testimony.  One person who had a thyroid issue was healed and gave her testimony. One kid who was unable to walk started walking and gave his testimony. One woman unable to see was healed and able to see properly. A child who could not see without glasses was healed and able to see properly.  There were over 399 testimonies that took place.  At another location (using the same video projection) we had 79 souls saved and many people healed.  There were 63 testimonies there. Total for both meetings: 991 total Saved, 462 Healings

February 8, 2022- We had over 2182 souls get saved and many people got healed. We had over 17 people who had tumors disappear. One lady had a tumor on her chest and got healed. One lady had a tumor on her arm and got healed. One person who had evil spirits (snake spirits) got healed. Over 182 people got healed from evil spirits. One lady with a problem in her eyes and was unable to see properly, got healed. Over 27 testimonies took place of people who couldn’t see properly. One person whose leg was broken and was unable to walk got healed and started walking. One person who had an issue in their left leg and was walking with sticks got healed.  31 testimonies took place where people started walking. Over 826 testimonies took place and other testimonies where different kinds of body pains got healed.

Pakistan Woman

June 28, 2021- We had a Skype crusade that probably had about 1,300 in attendance (estimate). There were 921 souls reaped in that meeting, with many wonderful healings and miracles! A precious woman who had a tumor in her uterus was healed! She went to the doctor, and they couldn’t find the tumor! A young girl who was mute and had never spoken said, “mama” and “papa” FOR THE FIRST TIME! A few days later on July 1st we had a Skype crusade with possibly 1,400 people. There were 1,192 people born-again! The Lord blessed us with 811 reports of healing. A woman with a tumor in her back was healed. A man who couldn’t walk properly because of an accident was healed. A girl with evil spirits was delivered. A woman with pain in her heart was healed. We give God all the glory and are humbled that He uses us to touch the people in remote areas of Pakistan.

Pakistan woman receiving from God

March 2021- We just got the report back last week that 1,742 souls were saved during the Skype meeting. We give God all the glory, as our human strength cannot make this happen. Some of the reports were as follows: 8 tumors disappeared - one of them on a woman’s chest, 18 people who came to the meeting crippled were healed, and got up and walked! Someone with a bad/blind eye was healed and could see out of it again. There were a total of 962 testimonies of healing in people's bodies! 

Crowd of people in Pakistan
Crowd of people in Pakistan listening to Pastor Tom Terry
Huge crowd of people in Pakistan

November 22, 2020- The meeting had around 5,000 people in attendance. The Lord did an amazing work, and 3,422 souls were reaped into the Kingdom, GLORY! There have now been 72,487 souls won through this outreach. We are so grateful to God to be a part of this. There were also 1,492 reports of miracles of healings! A child brought by his mother spoke for the first time. Women with tumors in their breasts were healed. Nine people involved in black magic repented and were delivered. A lady who had an ear problem for 7 years was healed. Another lady had back problems that kept her from being able to move and she was healed. We give God all the glory for all that He did!

Pastor Tom Terry preaching to Pakistan

May 17, 2019- 2,384 people saved! Glory to GOD!  About 2,750 in attendance- standing room only, and many others were on top of nearby rooftops listening! 27 healed from back pain. One man’s back pain was so severe he couldn’t move and therefore couldn’t work - now he can! A lady who couldn’t speak because of throat cancer, and was healed and STARTED SPEAKING! Another lady was delivered from nightmares (she reported the next day!) A man who was a teacher of black magic for 19 years repented! A man with neck and sleeping problems was healed. Another man was not able to see clearly in his left eye was healed - 16 people were filled with the Spirit.

Pastor Tom book in Urdu.jpg
Pastor Tom & Stella on Pakistani poster

This is Pastor Tom's book, Have You Received the Holy Ghost Since You Believed, translated into the Pakistani native tongue, Urdu.  

Panama Outreach

Throughout the years that Pastor Tom & Stella have ministered in Panama, upwards of 2,000 people have come to Christ, and 5,000 or more filled with the Holy Ghost.  

Pastor Tom Terry preaching in Panama

    Pastor Tom preaching at Hosanna Edwin Alvarez' church. This is Pastor Tom's friend who is like the Oral Roberts of Panama. 4 to 5 thousand were in attendance.  Service broadcasted on TV, radio, and internet. 

Pastor Tom ministers in Panama

    Pastor Tom preaching at Bishop Marcos Scott church on television and radio around Panama.  Over half of this congregation got filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues for the first time.  Their Pastor was weeping. Many healed and devils were cast out.  Below, you will see Pastor Tom ministering with the help of an interpreter!

Pastor Tom Terry ministering with an interpreter
Pastor Tom ministering in laying on of hands in Panama with an interpreter

Over the years, Pastor Tom & Stella have been blessed to see well over 30,000 people in their meetings get filled with the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues. Below is the aftermath of Pastor Tom meetings here in the USA... they don't call him "The Wild Man from the Wilderness of Wisconsin" for no reason!

Aftermath of a Pastor Tom healing line
Great joy in the service
Great joy and laughter in Pastor Tom's meetings
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