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Forest Lake

Dreams, Visions &

"America Will Rise Again"  Pastor Thomas Terry 2/11/24

The release His power

Coming in this hour

Upon all flesh

You shall surely see


And those who have resisted 

Will have to make a choice

Follow the world and the devil 

or follow Me


And many you have prayed for 

And many around you at your jobs

That seem so hard 

that seem so far away from the Lord


They shall break

They’ll be broken 

and they’ll cry out to me

Pleading for my Blood to cleanse them you see


So from the east, to the west 

To the north, to the south

This country will learn again to call on me


From the east to the west

To the north and to the south 

this country, this country 

will bow their knee!


Calling on Jesus

Calling on the Father

Calling on the Spirit 

To set them free


It won't be long 

You’ll be baffled

Because your prayers will prevail 

and push back all the powers of Hell

For America will rise again! 

America will rise again! 

America will rise again! 

In the Name of Jesus


I’ve broke the back of woke

That will become a joke 

I am rising strong

My people will follow along 

and I’ll rise in America!


From the west

To the east 

To the north

to the south 

and all points in between

revival fires are beginning to burn 

hotter and hotter and hotter,

You'll soon see.


Even in Massachusetts, you’ll see it

And many of the Witches will call on me 

and start new churches 

mostly full of former witches, you see


And down in Louisiana 

where voodoo has been king 

You’ll see many of those practitioners 

begin to raise their voice and sing!


They’ll say, “It’s Jesus”

He’s the only true God

And that state will glow

With a heavenly fog!

Pastor Tom Terry, a Vision on February 8, 2022:


     I had a very vivid dream. And in the dream I was sitting by the window and I heard this tremendous roar like a jet airplane, or even something louder than that. It was, at the same time, a little frightening, and also interesting, because I did not know what it was. As I turned around and looked out the window, I saw the most beautiful scene, in vivid, vivid, color. I saw the biggest bald eagle fly right by me, and I realized that was what the sound was, it was the bald eagle. There were actually three bald eagles, One big one, a medium sized one, coming in right behind, and a small one, taking up the rear. And I realized as I began to ponder on this dream, that the Lord was showing me that He was going to do something mighty in the great country of the United States, and it would eventually get around the world, where he was going to deal with families. Father, mother, children, and that He was going to raise them up as eagles, to fly above the circumstances of life. He was going to teach them to walk by faith in troubled times and difficult times. But it was a beautiful, beautiful, thing to see, these eagles were at the same time, beautiful and ominous, almost frightening. And that is the way we will look to the enemy.

Pastor Tom Terry, a Vision:


     Back in the 1990's God showed me a clear vision of what would happen in the future. Well, the future is now! I was praying in the Spirit for a few hours this morning (May, 2015) when He said to me, "Now is the time for that vision to begin to come to pass." I know what vision He was referring to.  In the vision it was like I was high in the air, looking down on the world. Being American, I especially saw the United States, but I'm sure this relates to all lands and people alive at this time. I saw places scattered all over the land. I knew these were churches from all backgrounds. I also knew this was a time that would be right before the last great move of God. A time of revival and harvest in the earth.
     As I looked down I saw some of these churches burning in flames of fire. I knew this related to red-hot churches, on fire, with faith, the Word, the Spirit and revival. They were everywhere and burning bright. In other places I saw just a warm glow, like a fire had burned there but now had burnt down to an ember about to go out. And I saw some others that were black, cold, dead and had no life.  What seemed so strange to me at the time, was the dark, cold ones had the most influence, the most people, and the most money. I saw many of these types of churches reaching out through media and this darkness was spreading. I also saw many who were once on fire burn out and become dark by
this influence!
     But then it happened. Listen and read carefully now. I saw many of these people - cold, black dots, begin to leave these dark places and make their way into the churches and areas (yes, some were whole regions) that were on fire. As this began to happen the dark places began to shrink and the places of fire began to burn hotter. The more new people who came and caught fire, the hotter the fire became and the larger the influence spread.  Their influence grew to the point to where the flames would shoot out and began to set the “ember” churches on fire, like someone would blow on embers and fire would start again. I also saw new people come to the hot churches from out of the world, by the droves, and the flames just got bigger and they burned even hotter.
     I then heard the Lord say, "In the last of the last days this will take place. I will raise up Apostolic centers that will carry revival in every biblical area. Souls, healing, love, unity of purpose, faith, the Word, the fruit and gifts of the Spirit, the glory and everything else with Jesus in it." I especially saw that biblical prosperity came to these people. They were great givers who used the prosperity to reach out more and more. These people were sold-out. But then I also saw many who were on fire walk out and leave these places. I saw a puff of smoke and their flames went out, and like a magnet they were drawn to the black holes of the dead churches that began to increase in number because of these offended and deceived people. This seemed very sad to me because they had to come out of the fire and settled for less and less. Then I saw many of these who were headed into the fire.  Many of them had to drive long distances or change locations to get to the fire. I saw them leave jobs, friends, and even family at times. But they didn't care, they were willing to do anything just to get into the fire. I also knew that this would begin to happen slowly at first but then pick up speed and grow until there was fire around the globe.

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