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Forest Lake

Healing & Deliverance Fellowship

     Welcome to our online church, FAF Healing & Deliverance Fellowship!  A worldwide platform where God's people can connect regarding all things healing and deliverance.  Whether you need healing and deliverance yourself or you want to grow in helping God's people in this area, this fellowship is for you.  Please fill out the form below and become a member of our online church today!  Join our group on Facebook, too (click here).  Thank you for your interest, and stay tuned!  

Become a Member

Welcome to FAF Healing & Deliverance Fellowship!

   For those of you seeking healing and deliverance anywhere on your walk with God, pray along with Pastor Tom in the prayer video below.  You may fill out the PDF form below and mail/email it to us for our Pastors to review (if under 18, you must have parental permission).

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